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Halal Monitoring Services | Halal Accreditation

Welcome to Universal Halal Authority, your trusted partner in Halal certification. We are committed to ensuring that your Halal-certified products and services meet or exceed regulatory requirements.


Securing Halal Integrity
Across Industries

At Universal Halal Authority, we pride ourselves on being the foremost authority in certifying and verifying the Halal status of products and services across various industries. With a commitment to upholding Islamic principles and values, we provide comprehensive Halal certification, monitoring, and auditing services to our customers.


Compliance with Islamic Principles

In the United Kingdom, we offer Halal certification services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the UK market. Our rigorous process of Halal Certification UK ensures that products and services comply with Halal standards set forth by Islamic principles.

Why Choose Universal Halal Authority?



With years of experience and expertise in the field of Halal certification, we are a trusted authority in ensuring Halal integrity



Our rigorous certification process and adherence to international standards guarantee the reliability and authenticity of our Halal certificates.



We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in our Halal certification & monitoring services, providing peace of mind to businesses & consumers alike.

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Expert Team

Ensuring Compliance

Our dedicated team of experts conducts regular inspections of Halal Monitoring Services to verify ongoing compliance with Halal requirements. With the latest monitoring tools and methodologies, we offer proactive solutions to maintain Halal integrity throughout the production and supply chain.

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 Halal Choice


Through meticulous testing and analysis, we verify the authenticity of Halal products and services, providing consumers with confidence and assurance in their choices. Our halal verification process encompasses thorough examination and scrutiny to ensure adherence to Halal standards.

Islamic Dietary Laws

Halal Product Certification Services

Businesses seeking to certify their products as Halal can rely on our Halal product certification services for accurate and reliable verification. We assess each product against strict Halal criteria, issuing Halal certificates to signify compliance with Islamic dietary laws.

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Production Processes & Halal Standards

Our comprehensive halal audit services evaluate every aspect of a business's operations to ensure Halal compliance. From sourcing and production to distribution and marketing, we conduct thorough audits to identify and address any potential non-compliance issues.

Building Trust in the Market

As a trusted accreditation firm, we offer Halal accreditation services to certify organisations and institutions involved in the production and distribution of Halal products and services. Our accreditation process recognises excellence in Halal practices, fostering trust and credibility in the Halal market.

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Your Halal Certification Awaits

Obtain Your Halal Certification Today

For all your Halal certification needs, trust Universal Halal Authority to deliver excellence and integrity every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our halal services and obtain your halal certification today!

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